FutureForm Music Label

After a few years of releasing music under independent labels,  a long time friend of mine and I decided it was time to start a label of our own. Verve has been a long time progressive and minimal/melodic tech lover and this label mirrors both our tastes within these genres as well as other quality cuts in the 4/4 arena. Our latest member Herc Kass, based in Sydney heads up the A&R department.

Verve   |   Herc Kass

FutureForm Music delivers the finest cuts of forward thinking, inspiring and immersive dance music.

The label exists as a platform for established and upcoming artists to release cutting edge productions, with a focus on hypnotic, dance floor detonating music. An emphasis is placed on meticulously selecting and hand crafting music that delivers an exhilarating and memorable experience to the listener. Quality over quantity is the backbone of FutureForm’s music policy – outputting releases only when the productions are deemed to be of the highest caliber, ensuring longevity of the label.

FutureForm Music is one facet of the greater FutureForm Collective. The collective’s resources will be accessed to create a unique sensory experience for fans, much like the feel and depth of a tangible vinyl record. Beyond this FutureForm strives to provide its members with positive career opportunities through the cumulative energy of the collective, including artist development and mentoring, touring services, interviews and unique collaborative opportunities within a multi-disciplinary environment.

Beatport    |   Soundcloud   |   Facebook


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