ERM Success

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Another milestone has been reached with my live setup.

  • ERM Midi Clock ✓
  • ERM Modular Whip ✓
  • Analog Rytm Midi Sync ✓
  • Intellijel Metropolis Modular Clock Sync ✓

A few more jams and I’m ready to go with Sequential Live for 2015.

2015 Return

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After a nice break during christmas/NY Im back into working on the Sekuential live techno and a remix for FutureForm. It will be a little while until I pick up some pace with updates but for now Ill share with you a picture of my newly built modular keyboard voice and a jam using the ERM midi clock Analog Rytm and modular rack.


New Workspace, New Jam

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So after two weeks of shuffling and shifting countless cables and objects I had myself a little jam, enjoy it. Expect weekly sessions once I get the overhead GoPro setup sorted. This setup also has a little way to go to be fully realized, but after some years experimenting with various improvisation techniques its really heading in the right direction.

Studio Setup Complete… For Now.

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Label / Studio

So its taken a whole week, moved every one of the thousand cables, adapters, synthesizers, manuals and other miscellaneous items that make up my studio soup. I think I’m around 99.98% there but it feels like one of those progress bars where you almost get to the end and it takes waaaaaay to long. Anyway, I managed to design two more loops for the set, more on the broken beat techno tip. GAWD I heart those heavy syncopated juicy kick drums of destruction. Off to a beech this week to reset and hit a collaboration early next week for some label work on FutureForm. New years resolution, take this live show on the road and watch some puny humans explode on the dance floor, over and over and over again.IMG_2902

Studio Remodel

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Well its been a busy day, almost gutted the entire studio to make way for a new minimalist lofty workshop.

Ive been slowly converting my workflow from a central production and mixing suite to  a separate sound design station and nearby live jamming setup. I’m one of those people that need to have a nice well organized space reflecting my mental workflow, plus there is never any room for friends to set up.

Its going to take another few weeks to really get settled in, hopefully I can finish before  the end of the year so I’m ready to hit the ground running in the new year and begin working on my sound design products in earnest. All the rack gear is gone or on the way in favor of the all powerful evolving eurorack modular…IMG_2784s

Proof of Concept

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Festival / Live

Andromeda was hugely successful both as a festival and for me personally. My debut techno performance exceeded my own expectations and proved the core Ableton/APC II/Rytm/DB4 configuration as a minimalist setup. I have yet to render the video in you-tube friendly format so bear with me while I rediscover the proper iMovie settings for YouTube export. After a short break I will continue to expand the setup, this time by adding a launchpad step sequencing component to the larger system. There are a variety of sequencers and methods available including the newly released Numerology 4 standalone program,  Renoise (Lauflicht 2 Step Sequencer) standalone program, Launchpad95 remote script, Launchpad StepSeq Max Patch or Launchpad DrumSeq Max Patch.

Launchpad95 looks most promising for me at the moment…

Adromeda – T Minus 4 Days And Counting…

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Having just returned from crispy Melbourne for some much needed musical retrospection, it is time to add the final module onto the mission chassis. Temperatures are looking stable and the code is nominal.  My spacecraft will be launching Sunday, 23 November 2014 at 1:00:00 AM (AEST), the launch will be visible for one hour, after which time distance will prohibit further tracking.

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